Individualized Support for Undergraduate Content Writing and More (I)

Hang out for parties, and forget to write papers and finish assignments that require the fulfillment of the Gordon Rule. Don't worry. Professional assistance is available to accomplish your academic goals for a quality undergraduate education while enabling you to unleash your passion and potential for partying. A successful career is built on the integration of hard study and effective socialization. It is privy to contribute to your success and excellence. Qualifications of the Agent: PhD Candidate; 15 years of college-level teaching experience; Published Professional/Scholarly works. Services: The content areas on which writing services are focused include: general education (social sciences track) business and management communication humanities philosophy psychology research methods sociology/anthropology The academic tasks include, but are not limited to the following: Essay (3-5 double-spaced pages) Term/Research Paper (10-15 double-spaced pages) Chapter or Project (25-30 double-spaced pages) In addition, consultations on English-to- Chinese and Chinese-to-English translation of academic/scholarly writings are available.
Updated 29-Nov-2012